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Ran Zhou is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada, and London, UK.  Zhou’s practice is informed by her cultural migration throughout different continents and personal reflections on the post-pandemic era. 


Experimenting with 3D animation, multimedia installation and sculptures, Zhou investigates how the pharmaceutical industry, the pornography industry, and late capitalism are integrated in the cycles of reproductive and social control through the regulation of bodies. Zhou considers her explorations in poetic absurdity and black humour as an antecedent to a deeper examination of the contemporary cohabitation with technology. Through exploring issues of immigration, gender, education, history and memories, Zhou further explores the notion of cultural identity, resilience, and hybridity.

Zhou holds a BFA in Visual Arts (Hons) and Art History (Hons) from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver CA, and is currently completing an MA in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art, London UK. She has had solo/dual exhibitions in Vancouver, New York, and Paris. See CV for details.

Zhou’s films have featured in international film festivals and exhibitions including: Austria YOUKI International Youth Media Festival (where she won 2022 Main Prize award of 23-27), Hong Kong Global University Film Award, London International Short Film Festival (where she won Best Experimental Short), London Darkroom Film Festival, Korea International Short Film Festival, Montreal International Animation Film Festival, Animex International Festival of Animation, Poland International Futurological Film Festival, Korea NoWHere Film Festival, Calgary Emerging Artists Film Festival, OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival, Victoria Antimatter Media Art Festival, Shanghai International Short Week, etc.

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