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User Manual: if my hand is a sexual organ

pdf document, size adjustable, 2021

User Manual: if my hand is a sexual organ is an ongoing multimedia project including writing, art books, videos, and installations. It is Ran Zhou’s long-term project that delves into themes of sex, instruction, intimacy, and cultural identities with posthumanist strategies.

At this stage, the project consists of two art books, User Manuel I and User Manual II, comprising more than 10,000 words. User Manuel I is formatted in the style of a quintessential user manual, presenting a fictional reproductive system to be implanted into the human hand. By instructing customers (the readers) on how to use this non-existent product, the User Manual reimagines the relationship between the body, gender identity, and technology in an absurdist manner. User Manual II is an academically advanced version of UM I. Inspired by Jacques Derrida’s Glas, UM II applies a non-linear creative writing style and presents an interpretation of UM I alongside the original text, intending to dismantle and evaluate the its form and content.

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