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(Trailer) In Conversation with Pixiu Schreber

Live performance + installation

approx. 18mins


Director: Ran Zhou

Performer: Sanna Kelly

Music Composer: Erik Moore

Cinematographer: Yunshan Jiang

“Relationships between humans are often mediated through the objects, they take place within physical environments, and cannot escape the material dimensions involved in social relations. Therefore, we can make a distinction between the physical and social aspects of the city, but we need to see them as interrelated and interdependent; in other words seeing the city as a socio-spatial phenomenon.” Ali Mandanipour (2005, p.8)



"In Conversation with Pixiu Schreber" is a combination of live performance and installation directed and created by Ran Zhou. As a dynamic multimedia project that combines and activates Zhou’s metal sculptural works and research-based Series GR-2192, "In Conversation with Pixiu Schreber" further explores the dialogue between space, age segregation, and generational disconnection. The performance has a duration of approximately 18 minutes and features a silent conversation between the performer and her schizophrenic self, taking place within and alongside the installations. Through mise-en-scène, the artist constructs a two-layer space that transitions from the private, abstract, metaphorical inner space, to a public, concrete, deep-functional space, inviting engagement of multi-angle gaze on site.

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