Solo exhibition titled Free Fall

System. Rules.

Society. Education.

Production. Reproduction.

Individual. You and Me.


The stone would be all that is needed to make it a stone.

The tree would be all that is needed to make it a tree.

The human would be all that is needed to make it …


Laws, Algorithms. We are dependent reliable. We are available sources.


      Reflecting on the gradually solidified education system and endless child abuse cases happened worldwide, the Red Dolls series attempts to raise the question of the existence of individual awareness and uncertainty of autonomous destiny. In today’s world, the issue of child safety is a global topic that worth more attention and discussions than ever before. Unfortunately, millions of children around the world are still in danger of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence – at home, in school, in the community or during humanitarian emergencies. To bring up the questions and appeal to keep the most vulnerable kids safety from harm, Ran Zhou’s solo show Free Fall is attempting to use strong visual effect and engagement of audiences to strengthen the sense of crisis and public awareness. Free Fall is a combination of Zhou’s recent mixed-media installations, which include more than 2,000 plastic dolls.


Free Fall.

Free. Fall.

Red Dolls, installation view #1, Audain Arts Center, Vancouver, Canada, 2018.

Red Dolls (detail), 2018.

Red Dolls (detail), 2018.

Red Dolls (detail), 2018.

Samsara 轮回, from Free Fall series, 2020.

Free Fall, installation view #1, Audain Arts Center, Vancouver, Canada, 2019.

Free Fall (detail), 2019.

Free Fall (detail), 2019.

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Represented by Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver, BC, Canada | Private Policy

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