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Installation London

:ife Affiliation, multimedia installation, work-in-progress, 2022

Life Affiliation is temporarily an installation set including 4 sculptures connected by wires. I suggest to see them as a whole, as a body, a schizophrenic, disorganized body composed of a brain, a heart, an upper body part, and a lower body part. They are disproportionate, neither by themselves nor with each other. The upper body is a human back penetrated by an abstract metal penis – it is bigger than life-size. The lower body is smaller than life-size – it is painted with skin color and positions in a falling and stepping-back gesture, with a skirt covered in the front but naturally disappearing in the back. The brain is the Arduino and sensor and the heart is the two kinetic actuators. While they are moving disorderly on the floor, at the same time being tied to the other two sculptures separately.

Back and front, upper and lower, bigger and smaller, masculine and feminine, black and red, the opposite forces happening between the actuators and two body parts (They are moving backward but at the same time being curbed and constrained by wires)...antagonistic dualities are all over the work. Overall, I want to present a system that is interfaces and constraints with each other, a sense of escapism, and my own thoughts on functioning and non-functioning.


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