Exhibit in NY group show Reclamation


A map says to you, “Read me carefully, follow me closely, doubt me not.”

It says, “I am the earth in the palm of your hand. Without me, you are alone and lost.”

And indeed you are. Were all the maps in this world destroyed and vanished under the direction of some hand, each man would be blind again, each city be made a stranger to the next, each landmark become a meaningless signpost pointing to nothing.

-- Beryl Markham, 1983


Considering map as a form of power-knowledge, Ran Zhou’s solo show A Winter Solstice Prayer focuses on destructing map, while reconstructing its relationship with the imaginary landscape. It attempts to enlarge the humanize aspect of map to reexamine the cultural implication of national boundary and the migration issue happens worldwide. Using black and white as the base tone, this series combines mixed-media sculptures, paintings, and organic plants to tell different stories of migrant, family gathering, and the trauma of illegal border crossing happening at present. Projecting Zhou’s multi-cultural background onto a global vision, A Winter Solstice Prayer attempts to use a metaphorical language to balance the abstract and narrative, while exploring the tension between the heavy social reality and her Chinese poetic romance.

Represented by Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver, BC, Canada | Private Policy

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