BFA    Honours in Visual Arts, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

BFA    Honours in Art History, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada



Professional Experience


2019    Artist in Residence, Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, New York.


Solo Exhibitions


2020         “A Winter Solstice Prayer” Metropolitan West, Volta Art Fair, New York

2020         “Free Fall” Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver, Canada.

2019         “Free Fall” Hatch Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2018-2019      “The Diary of Destroying a Map” Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver, Canada

2018               “The Diary of Destroying a Map” Yia_Young International Art Fair, Le Carreau Du Temple, Paris, France

2018               “The Diary of Destroying a Map” Hatch Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada


Group Exhibitions


2019            “Reclamation” Compere Collective, curated by Anna Cahn, Brooklyn, New York

2019            “The Lind Prize 2019” The Polygon Art Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada

2019            “Weird Flux” Audain Art Center, curated by Phillip McCrum, Vancouver, Canada

2018             “Emerging Vision” Z Gallery Arts, curated by Zohra Bonnis, Vancouver

2018            “Into the Dark” Hatch Art Gallery, curated by Maxim Greer,Vancouver

2018             “Together We Built” Robert Lee Alumni Center, curated by Bella Zhai, Vancouver

2017              “HENN Show” Hatch Art Gallery, Vancouver




2019    Shortlist for Philip B. Lind Emerging Artist Prize, Vancouver

2017    Faculty of Arts International Student Scholarship, UBC, Vancouver

2017    John Alexander McDonald Scholarship in Humanities, UBC, Vancouver

2017    IODE Fine Arts Foundation Scholarship, UBC, Vancouver




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2018    Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC 2018), Emperor Huizong’s Political Hint of Slender Gold Calligraphy, conference paper, Vancouver

2017     Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC 2017), The Challenge of Thangka: The Role of Tibetan Painters within Social Changes, conference paper, Vancouver





Beijing Tourist Map. Z Gallery Arts. Vancouver, Canada

The Hidden City. Z Gallery Arts. Vancouver

The Diary of Destroying a Map. Z Gallery Arts. Vancouver

Mountains and Rivers. Z Gallery Arts. Vancouver

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